GestiRent is a product of the World Net company that has been operating in the IT field for ten years.

World Net is a young company, founded in 2002 as a sole proprietorship, specialized in IT consultancy and management software development, which proposes itself as a highly specialized and professional business partner. The specific mix of skills, knowledge and skills of our staff makes our company the ideal partner for anyone who wants to take the opportunity and challenge of growing their company by taking advantage of all the most modern technological opportunities.

Even with our young age there are already many small, medium and large companies, which in recent years have made use of our collaboration to address and solve their technological needs, for the development of web applications or customized software. In tackling a new project, World Net takes care to understand what are the real needs of a company and the expected improvement objectives.

From these considerations, he is able to study the solution that best suits the needs of the case, taking into consideration the available budget and planning the return on investment.

The customer will thus find himself involved in a growth process that will lead him to achieve the agreed objectives; followed in each step of this progress, with care and professionalism, by our staff who will take care of every fulfillment necessary for the realization and management of the project, as well as all the phases of post-realization assistance. From the renovation of the small corporate network to the development of complex intranet or web infrastructures, you will find the ideal partner in our company to grow.

Thanks to the success of GestiRent at the beginning of 2011, the sole proprietorship was transformed into a limited liability company with an adequate share capital (€ 100,000.00) to guarantee the adequate resources for the technological investments necessary to satisfy all the requests of our customers. to which our thanks go for the trust they are continually showing us.

Beyond rental without driver

From transport to rental with driver, from events to parking, and more...

GestiRent for Rental-with-Driver

Software version for Rental-with-Driver

Version of GestiRent specially developed for the management of rental with driver (NCC), starting from the specificities of this type of activity, much more mobile.

A modular platform, fully adaptable to your mobile work needs and with an intuitive web interface. Ideal for managing services and reports carried out in collaboration with external partners.

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The management software for transport companies

Not a simple extension of GestiRent, but a specific management, fully customizable, developed in partnership with one of the leaders of the Italian sector of transport for third parties .

GestiTruck is designed to be used not only by those who are in the office, but also by those who live on the street and for its routes must often connect from abroad.

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Events service

Solution for companies, service events and concerts

The possibilities of the World Net management software are not limited to cars, boats and heavy vehicles. GestiRent has a suitable version for companies that deal with events, service, catering etc.

From warehouse management to technicians and transport documents. Because whatever you rent, GestiRent can help you to do it.

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General accounting for your GestiRent

GestiRent manages the invoicing of rental contracts and free invoicing with the related collections. If you need a general / industrial accounting program fully integrated with the rental program, we have the answer: GestiCont!

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