GestiRent is simple, versatile and, above all, unique . Find out what made it the most popular management system for renters .

Simple : how to use it?

The expression "rental management software" can frighten, confuse you and make GestiRent appear more complicated than it is. For those who choose it, GestiRent is a simple and intuitive site to use. Just to understand each other, the difficulty in using it is more or less the same that you met to land on this page.

Versatile : what can you do with GestiRent?

GestiRent technicians are still lagging behind in coffee. Almost everything else GestiRent can do it. From car rental with or without driver, from boat charter to building rental, from clothing to copiers.

Unique : how does it work?

Well, GestiRent works well. And to function well, he must adapt to you, your needs and procedures, and not the other way around. This is why the World Net staff, the same who is then at your disposal for assistance, builds your GestiRent with you and for you, customizing it and combining among the many modules only those you need. Think, even the assistance modalities can be customized.

If you don't believe it, try it: it's free for 30 days . Then we talk about it. If you believe it, try it: it's 30 days free . And then we'll talk about it.

Request a free 30-day trial

Start FREE to simplify your life with GestiRent.

Fill in the form to request the free trial of GestiRent for 30 days , the first month of your new (working) life. If you prefer you can call 0574 1923006 or write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , GestiRent also adapts to you in the contact methods. However, this is not a simple demo, but a 100% fully functional version .

These are all the sections that will make your business much easier.

  • The GestiRent Hub is the main page which, after the first 30 days for FREE, you can completely customize.
  • The Master Data Section allows you to have under control vehicles, maintenance and administrative deadlines, revisions, insurance, customers, accessories, insurance options.
  • The Documents Section allows you to manage quotes, contracts, invoices, management of fines and collections.
  • The Calendar Section was born from a simple reasoning: if time is running out, why not be the one who commands? To do this you need to keep under control, in the most intuitive and immediate way, all means and availability, exits and returns, the schedule of charges and maintenance.
  • The Utility Section represents the business heart of the rental management system: billing, simulation of rates, communications with the Inland Revenue, Online POS for payments.
  • The Report Section shows you, at a glance, the profitability statistics of each individual medium. The result is the result of a complete calculation: total revenues less total associated costs. Seeing it without having to worry about making an addition or a subtraction, however, is priceless.
  • The Network Section , an exclusive GestiRent, allows you to view the means of all GestiRent renters available for synergies. Yours are visible here too, if you want, but why shouldn't you? Here are also available the partnerships and conventions that the Network offers you and will offer you for free forever.
  • The Rent4u Section allows you to manage your presence on the portal . Prices, pick-up and drop off stations , price lists, any discounts on several rental days ... on rent4u you decide everything.

Modules active in the 30-day free trial version

GestiRent can be easily integrated and customized for your specific needs thanks to special modules or by adapting existing modules. This is because the technicians who follow customers like you (if you came here to read, you have practically decided to be) are the same who developed it. So the management software is constantly evolving, both from the point of view of the interface and from the point of view of operation.

Definitely excellent, but before contacting 0574 1923006 or writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. take another minute to read what the standard version of GestiRent offers you. And then take 30 days to try it for free. IMPORTANT: The version offered for free trial is not a demo, but a standard version that works in all respects.

  • Customer Master
  • Vehicle Master Data
  • Vehicle maintenance management
  • Rental price list (by group or vehicle)
  • Contract form
  • Availability calendar
  • Quotation form
  • Billing form
  • Access Management
  • Management of partner agencies with commission calculation
  • Revenue / Cost Management, depreciation plans, vehicle profitability report
  • Management of any customized discounts
  • portal presence management

Beyond rental without driver

From transport to rental with driver, from events to parking, and more...

GestiRent for Rental-with-Driver

Software version for Rental-with-Driver

Version of GestiRent specially developed for the management of rental with driver (NCC), starting from the specificities of this type of activity, much more mobile.

A modular platform, fully adaptable to your mobile work needs and with an intuitive web interface. Ideal for managing services and reports carried out in collaboration with external partners.

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The management software for transport companies

Not a simple extension of GestiRent, but a specific management, fully customizable, developed in partnership with one of the leaders of the Italian sector of transport for third parties .

GestiTruck is designed to be used not only by those who are in the office, but also by those who live on the street and for its routes must often connect from abroad.

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Events service

Solution for companies, service events and concerts

The possibilities of the World Net management software are not limited to cars, boats and heavy vehicles. GestiRent has a suitable version for companies that deal with events, service, catering etc.

From warehouse management to technicians and transport documents. Because whatever you rent, GestiRent can help you to do it.

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General accounting for your GestiRent

GestiRent manages the invoicing of rental contracts and free invoicing with the related collections. If you need a general / industrial accounting program fully integrated with the rental program, we have the answer: GestiCont!

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