How much does it cost to buy GestiRent?

Nothing. GestiRent is not for sale, the number one rental management software can be rented.

How much does it cost to rent GestiRent?

This depends on you and your needs. Up to 5 vehicles the cost is 49 euros per month, then the price goes up a bit but the cost goes down (less than 10 euros if you have 5 vehicles, less than 4 euros if you have 50, less than 3 euros if you have 100 and so on). Instead, what definitely rises is what GestiRent can be useful to you, not to say indispensable.

To receive the complete tariff or a tailor-made offer for your business, call +39 0574 1923006 or write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

How much does it cost to start simplifying your life with GestiRent?

The contract does not include no duration restrictions, so GestiRent uses it whenever you want, as much as you want, and when you no longer need it you don't even have to pay the TFR. The 30-day trial is free and without obligation. And in case you sign the contract, the convenience doubles and you get another 30 free days.

All activities needed to start are included in the normal monthly fee:

  • user account activation;
  • preparation of the web server for you and your collaborators;
  • upload your digitally supplied logo;
  • loading the contract printing form you have chosen from the available models;
  • loading the form of contractual conditions provided by you or chosen from the available models;
  • online training (via Skype or telephone) or at your main office (travel costs are to be agreed depending on the distance, in case of special needs;

How much does it cost to update GestiRent?

When you choose GestiRent, you choose the best rental management software on the market. To continue offering it, World Net programmers and technicians continually evolve and update it. Sometimes you can notice these variations, other times you don't. You will certainly never notice it from the invoice, since updates are free for you and other customers .

What does the GestiRent fee include?

Simply everything!

  • All new modules developed after the activation of your account are included;
  • all initial customizations of the platform according to the contract chosen, including of course the company logo;
  • all data security with GeoTrust's 256-bit True BusinessID SSL certificate;
  • all telephone, e-mail and Skype assistance guaranteed during normal office hours;
  • all daily online and remote data backups;

Additionally GestiRent includes the GestiRent Network.

No, it is not a play on words but a unique opportunity that can offer you immediate business opportunities. The idea is simple: put all GestiRent charterers in contact to encourage business synergies. Do you have the vehicle but not the customer? Maybe someone has the customer but not the means. As simple as transforming GestiRent from an excellent investment to an excellent source of income. Contact support dedicated to you , by phone, by e-mail or Skype during normal office hours.

Beyond rental without driver

From transport to rental with driver, from events to parking, and more...

GestiRent for Rental-with-Driver

Software version for Rental-with-Driver

Version of GestiRent specially developed for the management of rental with driver (NCC), starting from the specificities of this type of activity, much more mobile.

A modular platform, fully adaptable to your mobile work needs and with an intuitive web interface. Ideal for managing services and reports carried out in collaboration with external partners.

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The management software for transport companies

Not a simple extension of GestiRent, but a specific management, fully customizable, developed in partnership with one of the leaders of the Italian sector of transport for third parties .

GestiTruck is designed to be used not only by those who are in the office, but also by those who live on the street and for its routes must often connect from abroad.

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Events service

Solution for companies, service events and concerts

The possibilities of the World Net management software are not limited to cars, boats and heavy vehicles. GestiRent has a suitable version for companies that deal with events, service, catering etc.

From warehouse management to technicians and transport documents. Because whatever you rent, GestiRent can help you to do it.

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General accounting for your GestiRent

GestiRent manages the invoicing of rental contracts and free invoicing with the related collections. If you need a general / industrial accounting program fully integrated with the rental program, we have the answer: GestiCont!

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