What is the GestiRent Network?

Basically it's an automatic and zero-cost additional business opportunity for your business.

This is a reserved area shared by all the members of GestiRent, which can be activated on request and without obligation and conditioned by the explicit decision of adhesion, where GR users can consult the availability of the fleet of other members and thus provide the its customers the solution that best meets their needs.

How does it work?

For each vehicle GR offers the possibility to choose whether to make it visible and for which activity (rental / sale), indicating the geographical area of ​​reference (provincial, regional, national). At this point, if a customer makes a request that the hirer is temporarily unable to satisfy or the hirer has the possibility of directly supplying the requested vehicle, by consulting the "virtual fleet" of the network, the hirer can find among those present the vehicle requested by the customer


Vehicle not present in the fleet or not available at the time of the request.

The Bianchi company, which specializes in the rental of luxury cars, receives a request from its customer to rent a sports car that currently has no catalog or is already engaged; what can the company do to not disappoint the customer or worse lose a business opportunity ?? Simply access the "Network GestiRent" area and, having checked the availability of the car with another operator in the sector, such as the Omega company, contact him directly and thus provide the requested service.

Customer on holiday in a seaside resort: the commercial offer is being expanded.

The Beta srl ​​company, specialized in boat rental, has a customer who will rent its own boat for a mini-cruise in Sardinia, why not offer the customer also the rental of a luxury car for a few days so as to expand the offer and the business? Even if the Beta srl ​​company does not own any luxury cars, it can always check in the "Network GestiRent" area whether for the period concerned a GestiRent affiliate, eg. Gamma srl ​​has the vehicle that interests the customer. Therefore new job opportunities, knowledge and offers are born.


The network is permanently connected with some of the most active sector portals and thanks to these partnerships the hirer has the opportunity to display his vehicle on the internet by offering it as available for booking directly online.

It is a free synergy that allows you to increase your business by reducing downtime and retaining the customer.

By activating the "Network GestiRent" option, you enter the "state of the art" of rental because you create a real Network of rental operators .

Thanks to this virtual network, rental opportunities increase without costs; not only: there are also growing opportunities to sell the machine avoiding capital losses and there is the possibility for those who use GestiRent to expand their commercial network, to increase the business opportunity, to reduce the fixed costs of the vehicle fleet by getting in touch with other industry players to create additional possibilities.

The fleet is "virtual" and allows you to satisfy your customers simply by "seeing" the availability of the vehicle online at another rental company connected to the "network" GestiRent.

But there is more: GestiRent can also be used in the "Network" functionality even by those who have no means of renting! All those professionals, business dealers, brokers or intermediaries who are constantly looking for products to offer their customers with GestiRent have access to an increase in their commercial network at no cost.


What is needed then?

Just use the management software for renting GestiRent and activate the "Network" option!


  • "virtual" expansion of its fleet;
  • Expanding the categories of rental vehicles;
  • Reduction of downtime
  • Decreased economic commitment;
  • Increase in customer base and therefore increase in turnover;
  • Creating synergies with other rental operators;
  • Increase the sales network without incurring costs;
  • Business flexibility;

The activation of the Network section is free for all GestiRent customers.

Beyond rental without driver

From transport to rental with driver, from events to parking, and more...

GestiRent for Rental-with-Driver

Software version for Rental-with-Driver

Version of GestiRent specially developed for the management of rental with driver (NCC), starting from the specificities of this type of activity, much more mobile.

A modular platform, fully adaptable to your mobile work needs and with an intuitive web interface. Ideal for managing services and reports carried out in collaboration with external partners.

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The management software for transport companies

Not a simple extension of GestiRent, but a specific management, fully customizable, developed in partnership with one of the leaders of the Italian sector of transport for third parties .

GestiTruck is designed to be used not only by those who are in the office, but also by those who live on the street and for its routes must often connect from abroad.

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Events service

Solution for companies, service events and concerts

The possibilities of the World Net management software are not limited to cars, boats and heavy vehicles. GestiRent has a suitable version for companies that deal with events, service, catering etc.

From warehouse management to technicians and transport documents. Because whatever you rent, GestiRent can help you to do it.

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General accounting for your GestiRent

GestiRent manages the invoicing of rental contracts and free invoicing with the related collections. If you need a general / industrial accounting program fully integrated with the rental program, we have the answer: GestiCont!

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