With which devices can I use GestiRent?

With any device that has an Internet connection. PC, Mac, Linux, Smartphone, Tablet ... if it allows you to view this page, it can access the program and you can use it to monitor all activity.

And from today, if the web version is not enough, the new App !

is also available

Are my company data being backed up on GestiRent?

Of course. Every day, during the night, all the data on the GestiRent server are automatically backed up. And there are three:

  • One local on the same server;
  • One second, for added security, on local storage;
  • A third party, for maximum security, at another server located in another World Net web farm;

While the backup is going on, you are also sleeping soundly: the data between the two web farms travel encrypted. Upon request, backups can also be sent to a server owned by your company or to any Cloud resource.

Can I interface GestiRent with the company accounting program?

Normally yes, it is necessary to verify on a case by case basis with the company that manages the company accounting software what the margins for integration are. In the vast majority of cases, integration is fully achievable.

Can I customize the graphics of GestiRent to my taste?

With GestiRent you have no limits, apart from your imagination and your budget. All printouts of the program (invoices, contracts, transport documents, quotes etc.) can be customized without problems. While as regards the interface, the graphics and the functionality of the program, a technical-commercial evaluation is required.

I don't have an accounting program, can GestiRent also manage this part of my company?

And why shouldn't it? GestiRent can be combined with GestiCont. A general and industrial accounting program created by the same technicians who created the No. 1 rental management system.

Can GestiRent interface with our website?

Yes, it is possible and highly recommended. It is in the nature of GestiRent to "dialogue" with the site. By browsing your web pages, customers can independently make their reservation, GestiRent will manage the online booking process and you will be notified without having even answered the phone or an email.

I don't have a website, who can develop it knowing that it will have to interface with GestiRent?

Who better than the developers who started GestiRent? World Net technicians, thanks to the accumulated experience, can create a site tailored to your company developed to interact with your GestiRent. Availability and online booking with the best possible user experience, mobile friendly, while you can manage it directly from the application, thanks to specific additional features. The cost for the realization can be an addition to your monthly fee or be paid in installments at zero interest. If you've waited until today to have a site, tomorrow may be too late.

I have a number of agencies, how can I monitor their work?

GestiRent offers you various ways to control the work of agencies. You choose how: you can exercise more stringent control, with the need to approve the headquarters for each contract, or simply monitor the contracts made in real time. All solutions can be customized according to your needs.

GestiRent doesn't do everything I want, can we fix it?

The GestiRent software is constantly evolving and is able, with the appropriate modifications, to perform new functions and satisfy further needs. If GestiRent doesn't have what your company needs, World Net technicians can develop it with you.

I'm often on the move, is there a GestiRent app?

If you need to access your GestiRent on the move, from today you can also try l GestiRent app ! Slim, fast, useful, the GestiRent app is a "light" version of your management software.

Available for both Android and iOs , compatible with tablet and smartphone , the application

Beyond rental without driver

From transport to rental with driver, from events to parking, and more...

GestiRent for Rental-with-Driver

Software version for Rental-with-Driver

Version of GestiRent specially developed for the management of rental with driver (NCC), starting from the specificities of this type of activity, much more mobile.

A modular platform, fully adaptable to your mobile work needs and with an intuitive web interface. Ideal for managing services and reports carried out in collaboration with external partners.

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The management software for transport companies

Not a simple extension of GestiRent, but a specific management, fully customizable, developed in partnership with one of the leaders of the Italian sector of transport for third parties .

GestiTruck is designed to be used not only by those who are in the office, but also by those who live on the street and for its routes must often connect from abroad.

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Events service

Solution for companies, service events and concerts

The possibilities of the World Net management software are not limited to cars, boats and heavy vehicles. GestiRent has a suitable version for companies that deal with events, service, catering etc.

From warehouse management to technicians and transport documents. Because whatever you rent, GestiRent can help you to do it.

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General accounting for your GestiRent

GestiRent manages the invoicing of rental contracts and free invoicing with the related collections. If you need a general / industrial accounting program fully integrated with the rental program, we have the answer: GestiCont!

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